eZ Find: Enable Attribute Storage

# Enable Solr to store all the basic information of a content object
# Allows Solr to be used as a cross-site DB

When using eZ Find to search a single local site, it does a really good job at building out the result object to be used. What becomes a problem, however, is when a cross-site search is necessary. When the search fetch includes 'as_objects', true() eZ Find tries to build out an object by fetching from the database after the Solr search is completed and the necessary content is returned.

Another option, however, is to return all the information from Solr, no more object building from the DB. To do this all you have to do is enable EnableSolrAttributeStorage in the ezfind.ini. That way, if you are searching on a site that does not have access to the local database (cross-site search for instance) you can return all the content you need from Solr, because it is all stored.

So remember, set: 'as_objects', false() in the fetch.

and in the ezfind.ini


Then just remember to re-index your content to get all the new attributes in there.

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