eZ Publish with Sublime

A while back I fell in love with Sublime Text 2 and its’ many advantages over TextMate. What it lacked however was any real support for the eZ Publish templating language (no different than TextMate). What I wanted was a simple editor that offered variable and method highlighting equivalent to a nice IDE like PHPStorm. I was originally using the Smarty package for TextMate (you can use any TextMate package in Sublime), but that does not offer a lot of method highlighting support for eZ. So what I decided to do was use the Smarty package as a template for adding more language support for eZ Publish. What I have is far from complete; I usually only add to it when I use a method that is not already supported. You can find it out on GitHub. It is my hope that there are some eZ Publish devs out there that really enjoy Sublime as I do and want to help me grow the package. Remember, it is far from complete, but nonetheless, I really hope that you enjoy the language highlighting, and if you do feel free to contribute.