Learning Symfony

Nashville Symfony
I have spent a good deal of my freetime this past month or two learning as much about about the php framework Symfony as possible. The moment that eZ Systems announced that they were adopting the Symfony framework I knew that I would be be spending some time with it. I have found that Symfony doesn’t have the lowest barrier to entry so it has been a process, to say the least. I have a blog that has helped matters a great deal and so I wanted to give it some props here. If you are like me, wanting to learn Symfony but lacking time and resources, you should really check this site out: Symblog: Creating a Blog in Symfony2

The blog starts with the basics and explores a good deal of Symfony components in detail. In the end you will be left with a barley usable blog, but that is alright, it leaves you with a project to fix. It is a tutorial for Symfony 2.0, and because Symfony is currently on 2.1.3 you will notice some part don’t work the way you expect (but I think that forces you to learn more anyway). The tutorial also doesn’t use Composer at all; so remember, when the blog tells you to install something, use Composer and skip over the way they tell you how to do it. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, I know I did.