New Site Theme

I have been working on getting a new site theme up and running for a while now. My hold up was that I could never commit to a platform. I knew that I wanted off Wordpress and onto something more developer friendly. Originally I was going to put this site on eZ Publish, but that just seemed like overkill. Next I thought about creating a Symfony2 blog, but I wanted to cheapen my hosting options so I opted against Symfony2. I finally decided upon Rails, hosted on the free tier of Heroku.

I was in the middle of development when I discovered Octopress. How I had never heard of this platform before, I don’t know. In under 4 hours total I had my Wordpress site migrated off of Wordpress and onto a Github Pages site generated by Octopress; it was a very smooth transition. Because development was so fast, I opted to stick with Octopress and GH-Pages.

My site is now running statically using Octopress as a site generator and Github as a free host. Octopress is built on Jekyll, so I can make plugins easily (in Ruby) as well as pull in any existing plugin with ease. Octopress seems like it is built to be the developer blogging platform. The code blocks, the post generation, and the fact that it is built on Ruby all helped me settle on Octopress as my new blogging platform. I hope you enjoy the new site!